Industrial Plastic and Polymer Solutions for Manufacturers

Plastic Pellets Masterbatch

Our Vast Global Network Works for You

Through our extensive network of subsidiaries, affiliates, long-term partners and investment companies throughout the world, Mitsui Plastics, Inc. offers commodity, engineering, concentrate and masterbatch compounds. Our worldwide compounding capabilities enable our customers to localize supply to their customers — wherever they are located.

Can’t find the raw material solutions you need in our current portfolio? Let us put our technical polymer, industrial, and advanced materials sourcing services to work for you! We have access to global markets and products to which our competitors do not, especially in Asia, and we are happy to work with our partner companies to see how they will help.

Technical Services and Professional Support

Mitsui Plastics is more than simply a supplier. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing technical support to our business partners through the development and implementation of a wide variety of solutions. In addition to our technical staff, all members of our business team are trained to offer technical support on their specific products.

We will support you with:

  • Material selection
  • Regulatory information
  • Technical information
  • Processing recommendations
  • Molding trial support
  • Formulation of custom compounds

In addition, through cooperation with some of our business partners, we will assist you with product design & protoyping, material analysis, resin evaluation, and product commercialization.