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Mitsui Plastics, Inc. offers comprehensive logistics solutions. We meet challenging situations by utilizing our worldwide network and expertise in shipping, just-in-time delivery, supply chain management, vendor-managed inventory and creative ideas, including customized logistics solutions to meet or exceed the customers’ requirements.

When getting raw materials to manufacturers, the biggest issues include dealing with global suppliers, long lead times and bottlenecks in the supply chain. Mitsui Plastics overcomes these problems by localizing supply chains. Because we handle similar products from multiple suppliers, we are able to source from different geographic regions, enabling our customers to get their materials from the supplier nearest to them.

Mitsui Plastics offers importing, exporting, inland freight, and warehousing consultation as a part of our logistics services to our customers.

Our logistics professionals manage the entire process, whether your purchase requires chartering an ocean-going vessel or simply distributing small parts to domestic users. Mitsui Plastics has a network of warehouses throughout the United States to support just-in-time deliveries. Additionally, bonded warehouse operations are available in a number of South American countries.

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