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Mitsui Plastics, Inc. offers complete solutions for the adhesive industry. We source the relevant raw materials, additives and films for adhesive and tape production through our extensive global network. We’re happy to help you obtain exactly what you need, when you need it.

We supply raw materials to customers in the following industries:


We provide raw materials for automotive wire harness tape production as well as rubber-to-substrate bonding adhesives.


We supply raw materials for hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive production, with a focus on the carton sealing tape and labeling sectors.

Building / Construction

We source raw materials for the production of adhesives used for duct and masking tapes and for the adhesives used in roof assembly.


We provide raw materials for pressure-sensitive labeling adhesives and wood adhesives as well as for shoe manufacturing.

Custom Formulation

If an existing product is not quite right, contact us. Our experienced, highly knowledgeable engineers will help you develop the best product for your unique application.

Products for Adhesives

  • Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resin (C5/C9 Resin)
  • Anti-blocks
  • Anti-Oxidants
  • Custom Hot Melt Adhesives
  • Emulsion-type Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Neoprene
  • Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)
  • Mono-Material PP Adhesive
  • Polychloroprene Rubber
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET )
  • Polyolefin Waxes
  • Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)
  • Styrene Isoprene Rubber
  • Terpene Phenolic Resin
  • Titanium Dioxide Pigments

MAIC Custom Hot Melt Adhesives

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