Niche and Custom Materials for Unique Applications

Specialty Materials

Sourcing Materials for Very Niche Manufacturers

If you’re among the manufacturers whose processing requires specialty materials, then look to Mitsui Plastics, Inc. More than a plastics supplier, we have access to rare industrial materials, custom products and hard-to-find minerals, additives and blends.

How do we have access to so many raw and functional materials? Mitsui Plastics maintains close relationships with our global network of suppliers and partners. Among our partners are helium gas suppliers, safety glass suppliers and many others. In addition to raw material suppliers, we partner with compounders that can customize or formulate virtually anything you need — whether it be a unique formulation or a hard to achieve color.

Materials for Nontraditional Product Manufacturers

  • Electronics & Related Manufacturers
    • Sputtering Targets
    • Projector Screen Films
    • Flexible Copper Clad Laminate
  • Industrial/Medical/Pharmacuetical Manufacturers
    • Helium Gas
    • Crude Iodine
    • Lead Acrylic Sheets
    • Titanium Dioxide Powder
  • Fire Safety Glass Manufacturers 
    • Polished Wire Glass

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