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Industrial Materials

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Through our global network, Mitsui Plastics, Inc. offers solutions for your technical needs, logistics requirements and your production technology. We provide the most diverse product groupings for even the most complex applications. Our industrial materials and advanced materials are used in an array of market sectors, including electronics, semiconductors and niche specialty areas. In addition to plastics, we have access to other inorganic materials to meet our customers’ needs.

While Mitsui Plastics currently handles raw and intermediate materials for industrial and electronics applications – our product offerings include mineral feedstocks, industrial gases, pigments, minerals, and electronics materials for circuit boards, hard drives and batteries; we are also working on numerous development projects, including rapid electronics prototype manufacturing that will offer significant improvements in digital infrastructure, new product introduction, and global electronics advancement.

Flexible Copper Clad Laminates


Our supplier’s FCCL is used widely within Japan and Asia and is valued for its customizability, low transmission loss, low water absorption and excellent dimensional stability. This material is especially suited for high frequency applications like 5G.

  • Flexible printed circuits

Iodine & Derivatives


Iodine is a powerful disinfectant and its properties are ideal for applications such as teat dips, which are used to disinfect cow udders after milking. Iodine can be used to produce IPBC as a preservative for paints and coatings to prevent any microbial growth. Iodine can also be used as a contrast media in radiology to enhance the visibility of vascular structures and organs. It is also used as a raw material for production of iodine derivatives (NaI for disinfection, KI as heat stabilizer in production of polyamide).

  • Teat dips
  • Paint and coating preservative
  • Contrast media in radiology
Agriculture, Biocide, Paint & Coatings, Health Care

Lead Acrylic Sheet

Lead acrylic sheets are used widely for x-ray shielding applications and are available in a variety of thickness and customizable sizes.

  • X-ray shielding
Medical, Health Care

Polished Wired Glass


PWG consists of a mesh incorporated into a glass sheet. This structure prevents PWG from shattering in case of shocks or fire, making it ideal for use where safety matters. For construction applications, PWG is often found in schools, airports and fire stairwells. It can also be used for decorative applications or in venues wanting an industrial design appearance. Our supplier provides most of the windows made to overcome the effects of earthquakes in Japan and makes antifog bathroom mirrors and transparent glass for use as projection screens.

  • Shatterproof glass and windows
  • Decorative applications such as shelving, tabletops
Building & Construction, Consumer Goods

Various Sizes and Patterns to Fit Customer Requirements

Projector Screen Films

Mitsui Plastics imports and distributes specialty projector screen films from two suppliers to meet the most demanding projector applications. These materials offer high contrast and can be configured according to customer specifications.

  • Projector screens

Sputtering Target

Our source’s sputtering targets are highly customizable and of the highest quality. We offer targets in a variety of shapes, sizes and compositions depending on specific customer needs.

  • Magnetic RAM (MRAM)
  • Hard disk drive media reader
Semiconductor, Electronics

Titanium Dioxide Pigments

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a white pigment widely used in many different industries and products such as plastics, paints and coatings, inks, foods, cosmetics and more. TiO2 pigments are produced from different types of ores: ilmenite, rutile and anatase. Mitsui Plastics offers specialty TiO2 pigments from different suppliers to be closer to your production location(s).

  • Masterbatch and plastic compounds
Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Food, Personal Care, Cosmetic, Paint & Coatings

Titanium Dioxide Powder

With unique UV-resistant properties, ultra fine TiO2 is frequently used in personal care and sunscreen applications to help prevent skin cancer. Mitsui Plastics helps customers select the most suitable TiO2 depending on their projects.    

  • Cosmetics
  • Personal care
Health & Beauty Aids

Multiple grades of TiO2 for the cosmetic industry as whitening agents and UV filters.

Titanium Feedstock

Titanium is present in different types of ores (ilmenite, rutile, slag) and mainly used to produce titanium dioxide pigments due to their whitening qualities. The ore can be refined to produce titanium sponges used in the aerospace industry to produce titanium metal.  

  • Titanium pigment manufacturing
  • Welding rod manufacturing
  • Titanium sponge production
Aviation, Aerospace

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