EverGlide PA - PFAS-free Process Aid
EverGlide PA - PFAS-Free Process Aid
EverGlide® PA
PFAS-Free Process Aid


EverGlide® PA PFAS-Free Process Aid

  • PFAS are labeled ‘forever chemicals’ due to the fact they don’t break down over time. Paired with studies showing adverse health effects, there is a growing market movement away from PFAS-based processing aids. How2Recycle announced in December 2021 that packaging containing PFAS will now be assigned the “Not Yet Recycled” How2Recycle label.
  • Mitsui is proud to offer EverGlide® PA, a PFAS-free processing aid that users find performs well when compared with traditional fluoro-materials. With EverGlide® PA, film producers will achieve excellent melt processability, print adhesion, and a stable COF over a broad temperature range, allowing faster speeds on lines. Mitsui will work with you to fine-tune your additive approach to get the most out of your film production (both on performance and price!) while moving away from traditional PFAS PPAs

Suitable for a variety of different polymers, this material uniquely offers both internal and external process aid benefits. As the world moves away from PFAS-containing plastic, this is an ideal alternative to fluoropolymer-based process aids.

Benefits of EverGlide® PA Process Aids:

  • Reduced die pressures
  • Reduced extruder energy draw
  • Reduced apparent viscosity so process temperatures can be lowered
  • Balances internal and external process aid properties (some attraction to the die to provide coating of surface, while also allowing easier movement of polymer chains over each other)
  • Global Food Compliance for food contact applications

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