Mass Balance and Recycled Content materials for a sustainable future

e•qui•b aims to develop a hassle-free switch to an alternative eco/bio packaging solution. Using advanced manufacturing and AI technologies, these new materials will help both the manufacturer and consumer tighten the recycling loop.

What is Mass Balance?

By mixing both renewable and non-renewable sources together in the same existing systems, it is a way to keep track of the renewable sources and allocate them to specific products. Ultimately, it’s an easy, hassle-free switch to an alternative ecofriendly packaging solution.

Food & Nutrition

Sustainable pet food packaging material

  • Digital flexible packaging made with mass balance materials weighs less and requires less physical space to ship than ridged packaging. Think of how many trucks you would need for unfilled traditional salad dressing bottles vs one truck of unfilled flexible mass balance packaging.
  • The unique shape of this flexible package combined with bright colourful printing will make your brand stand out from competitors on the shelf. It is sure to draw the eye of potential consumers from its vibrancy, and there is no compromising of quality and functionality.

Pet food

Sustainable pet food packaging material

  • Sustainable material options for pet food packaging can seem “out of reach” for buyers due to the profit margin of these products. The recyclability will appeal to eco-conscious consumers offering them an alternative that is not common in this industry.
  • This product can be made in larger sizes for optimal user experience and a premium appeal.


Sustainable pet food packaging material

  • Consumers of natural brands are more receptive to eco-conscious packaging. With mass balance materials, combining reusable materials with non-reusable materials helps keep plastics out of the ocean and would suit many company’s values. The mass balance products may also be recycled into a new product, so the eco-consciousness doesn’t end with just the one product.
  • Utilize the full possibilities of digital printing for your mass balance packaging. Metallic effects add unique visual flair to any package (such as the molecular pattern in the background of this design) which helps elevate your brand.

Beauty, personal care, and cosmetic

Sustainable pet food packaging material

  • Salt-based products can accelerate the decomposition process of compostable films. As an alternative, eco-conscious brands can use e•qui•b’s mass balance films to meet their packaging requirements while being conscious of their carbon footprint.
  • Buyers can showcase their products with custom-shaped windows. Digital printing allows for a number of windows in any shape or size and can show off the colour and quality of the product inside the packaging.
  • Due to the moisture contained in beauty products, the options for sustainable packaging are currently limited. With its strong moisture barrier to prevent leaks and spills, the mass balance material is also great for liquids.
  • Premium brands will appreciate having a sustainable option for single-use products which will appeal to their environmentally conscious target audience.

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