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Polished Wire Glass
Polished Wired Glass

History & Purpose

Polished Wired Glass was invented in 1892 by Frank Shuman, an American engineer to provide a safety glass as opposed to regular float glass.

Polished Wired Glass is manufactured by embedding a metal wire mesh into molten glass. 

The purpose of the mesh wire is to help hold back the glass shards in case of impact or high temperatures and help avoid injuries in case the glass shatters.

Mitsui Plastics, Inc. offers sheets made by one of the largest manufacturers of polished wired glass, Central Glass, located in Japan. This type of glass is very common in Japan where the seismic activity can cause windows to shatter.

Wire Patterns Available:

  • Diamond mesh
  • Square mesh
  • Wire lines

Sheet Sizes Available:

  • 96″ x 48″
  • 96″ x 72″
  • 100″ x 48″
  • 100″ x 58″
  • 100″ x 60″
  • 100″ x 78″
  • 130″ x 78″
  • 130″ x 84″


Our polished wired glass is commonly used in construction as an affordable fire resistant* or safety glass. More specifically you can easily find PWG in schools, institutions, public buildings, government offices, hotels, etc.

It also has uses in decorative applications for example; in restaurants or shelving in retail stores.

*not approved to US building code.

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