MAIC Hot Melt Adhesives

Custom Adhesive Formulations For Niche Applications in Specialized Markets

MAIC Custom Hot Melt Adhesives

High Performance Custom Adhesives tailored to your needs!

Manchester Adhesives Innovation Centre (MAIC)

Mitsui Plastics has partnered with the Manchester Adhesive Innovation Centre to offer custom adhesives to the Americas.

Mitsui Plastic’s sister company MAIC develops high performance adhesives for coaters and laminators.  MAIC is fully owned by Mitsui & Co. ltd., who is known as one of the largest suppliers of adhesive raw materials globally, using MAIC we have the capability to physically develop and manufacture hot melt adhesives.  These adhesives offer unique properties that set us apart from competition including:

  • Very high heat resistance hot melt adhesives
  • High adhesion to both polar and non-polar

We also developed new hot melt acrylic technology (non-cross linking/no curing required) which offers some of the benefits of water based acrylic + hot melt technologies including  –  High SAFT, UV resistance, oxidative resistance.

Working hand-in-hand with our customers to develop customized solutions is at the core of our business, please get in touch today to discuss your specific needs, we look forward to creating a unique adhesive solution for your operation!

The production and minimum order quantities are tailored to your needs and volumes required!

Our R&D capability allow us to develop adhesives for cross – functional applications with your business and range of products in mind!

Please have a look at our unique acrylic (non-crosslinkable) hot melts like MAIC Rebond A1/A2 below.

MAIC Rebond series designed for primary labels is highly versatile and provides:

  • Repositionability of Labels up to 12 H
  • Good initial tack for fast labelling machines
  • Excellent adhesion to packaging with low and high surface energy – from HDPE to PP!
  • Inherent UV resistance
  • Excellent service temperature range
  • No – label look

And this is only first example what we can achieve in one adhesive!

Application Examples

  • Re-closable adhesive for filmic closures used in packaging for wet wipes
  • Re-closable lid function for heat sealable lidding laminates  
  • Repositionable Labels for PP, PET and HDPE packaging containers
  • Wash-off labels for PP reusable plastic containers
  • Adhesives for non-woven laminates
  • Adhesives for Durable labels
  • Tailored adhesives for Linerless Labels
  • Biobased Adhesives

 MAIC Hot Melt Adhesive Brochure 

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