Lithium Ion Battery Materials
Polished Wire Glass
Lithium Ion Battery Materials

Lithium Ion Battery Materials

The materials that we offer are from trusted partners that we have established long standing relationships.

We focus on procuring high quality materials, which are primarily made in Japan, Korea and North America.

Mitsui understands the importance of locally sourced battery materials to maximize eligibility for the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

Get in touch – By understanding your project needs, we will facilitate with our partner suppliers to support your project needs such as procurement of sample materials + consultation about mass production volumes.

Material Offerings

Copper Foil

Thickness [um]: 5-20
Mass thickness [g/m2]: 45-178
Tensile strength at room temperature [Mpa]: 320-360
Elongation at room temperature [%]: 3-20

Width: Custom, Please Inquire
Length: Custom, Please Inquire

Aluminum Foil

Tensile Strength [N/mm2): 180-290
Proof Stress [N/mm2]: 155-250
Elongation [%]: 3.0-6.0
Conductivity [%/IACS]: 47.2-60.1

Width: Custom, Please Inquire
Length: Custom, Please Inquire
Thickness: Custom, Please inquire


Thickness [um]: 14-25
Gurley [sec.]: 140-380
Porosity [%]: 42-55, 65-69

Custom specs also available, Please Inquire

PVDFMolecular Weight [Mw] √ó10^5: 2.8-10
Inherent Viscosity [dl/g]: 1.1-3.1
Format: Powder (Liquid Type Available, Please Inquire)
Polymer Type: Modified Polymer and Modified Co-Polymer

Viscosity [mPa/s] 1% solution: 10-8,000
Degree of Substitution [Strength]: 0.6-1.5

Grades Vary, Please Inquire

Cathode Active MaterialsChemistries such as LFP and NMC
Anode Active MaterialsNatural graphite, Artificial Graphite and Silicon Anodes
ElectrolyteCustom Formulations, Please Inquire
Pouch FilmCustom, Please Inquire
GasketMaterial Composition: PP, PFA, or PBT
Cylindrical type and Prismatic Type Available
Cans and Top-CapsCustom, Please Inquire
TabsCustom, Please Inquire
Battery Pack, Thermal Management Materials Custom, Please Inquire
SBRCustom, Please Inquire

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