Barrier Papers

Barrier Papers Help To Reduce Plastic Usage

Barrier Papers are an eco-friendly, sustainable solution for Food Packaging and other Packaging applications.  Using Barrier Papers helps you to take a step towards achieving your plastic reduction goals and simplifies your packaging structure.  

Barrier Paper Benefits and Features:

Bleached and Non-Bleached Papers

Barrier against oxygen, aromas, water vapor, grease, and solvents.

Help your packaging stand out with grades optimized to provide high quality print surfaces.

Various sealant layer chemistries can be applied depending on your packaging goals.

Product Types

Barrier Paper

Barrier Paper is a thin but high quality material offering strong barrier properties.  This material is combined with other materials to create a finished product.

  • Common Uses: Food Packaging (Cereal, Oatmeal, Tea, etc.)

Approved for Food Contact 

High Quality Material

Thin (Not Bulky)

Recyclable and Biodegradable (Available)

Can be Printed

Metallized Paper

Metallized Paper is a ready to use product offering strong barrier properties to all types of products. Convertors can cut, size and print directly on this material as needed.

  • Common Uses: Food Packaging (Tea, Butter, Bottle Labels, Chocolate, Gum, Candies), Automotive (Motor Oil Labels)

Approved for Food Contact High Quality MaterialReady to Use (Requires No Additional Materials)“No Memory” Paper MaterialCan be RecycledCan be Printed

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