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Corporate Profile

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Mitsui Plastics, Inc. is a leading global supplier of polymer materials, providing unique services and solutions. For more than 30 years, we have served as a prominent and differentiated distributor to the plastics and chemical industries worldwide as part of the international network created by Mitsui & Co., Ltd., one of the world’s most comprehensive trading, investment and service companies.

We offer a wide variety of material solutions combined with our worldwide logistics capabilities and the highest quality of personalized customer and technical service to customers throughout the world.

Our diversified portfolio allows us to serve several markets, automotive being one of our largest market segments. Among our other industries are food packaging, construction, agriculture, health care, medical, consumer appliances and electronics.

Our product line includes a wide range of engineering and commodity resins as well as polymer additives, rubber, minerals and semi-finished goods. We also provide various engineering compounds, masterbatches and localized compounding services, through our global network of partners and affiliates, not only in North and South America, but also in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Japan.

To meet the globally diversified needs of customers, Mitsui Plastics, Inc. takes advantage of the comprehensive strength of Mitsui’s network to conduct and develop business in cooperation with its overseas offices all over the world.

At the core of Mitsui Plastics, Inc. are its people. Our sales team includes seasoned industry professionals with both technical and solution-providing expertise. Our customer service and logistics teams develop strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners, providing dependable, fast and trustworthy service.

Mitsui Plastics, Inc. welcomes you to contact our experienced professional team to discuss how we can solve the challenges you face in the plastic and chemical industries. We look forward to working with you and exceeding your expectations with our premier solutions.

Teruya Mogi, CEO & President of Mitsui Plastics, Inc.Teruya Mogi
President and CEO
Mitsui Plastics, Inc.

Operating in the Sogo Shosha Business Model

Mitsui Plastics, Inc. is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. (USA) Inc., and our financial information is consolidated into Mitsui & Co. (USA) Inc. financial statements. Mitsui & Co. (USA) Inc. is, in turn, a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., which was incorporated in 1966 in Japan.

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. is involved in the traditional “sogo shosha” business, which refers to the operations of Japanese trading companies that engage in import/export, offshore trade, and domestic wholesale, as well as in business investments, project development and management, and capital goods technology transfer.

Sogo soshas tend to be vertically integrated trading organizations or conglomerates. What distinguishes sogo soshas like Mitsui Plastics, Inc. from typical Western companies and other Japanese companies are their international networks, trading in numerous commodities and large market shares.

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